The Adhmad Móran Campaign

Grave Robbers
Return to the Tomb

The party returned to the tomb and cleared out some Ghouls that had come to feed on the remaining corpses. They then entered the deepest chamber and defeated a revenant guarding the largest sarcophagus.

The party found a glowing stone within the tomb and took it (despite Effrum Arpagious’s request to leave the tomb in as preserved a state as possible).

The group returned to Croesffyrdd down the Brenhinoll River and checked in with Madog MacThearn. They chose not to reveal that they had the stone.

The group has returned to the inn and is awaiting what they next choose to do.

What comes next?
Getting their bearings back

The party left off expecting more work from Madog MacThearn in around 4 days, and decided to have Fergus MacTavish spend that time shadowing him to find out more information while the rest of the party spent their time preparing.

Fergus came to learn the man’s routine; noticing that he visits the same house twice daily (once in the morning and once in the evening) and that the house was situated a fair distance from both his place of work and his home. On closer inspection, Fergus noticed that it had a bird pen on the upper floor (not a common feature for most homes).

The group proceeded to scope out the building together and sneak up to the pen to read any messages. However, there were no messages to be found.

The group returned the following night and waited overnight for a message to arrive. In the wee hours of the morning, they snuck up again and stole a pigeon from the pen after it arrived. They snapped the bone tube containing the message and read the message.

They then dug through the midden behind their inn for replacement bones and released the pigeon.

It was then that they received a message from Madog indicating that work was indeed ready for them and that they should report back to the town hall.

Madog intimated that a tomb had recently been uncovered by a farmer digging a well and that work had stopped on the subsequent archaeological project. It was estimated that the site dated back to the time before the great empire of the time that birthed Ar’an Al’Loch had fallen. He offered them modest pay, as well as the gratitude of the 5 patriarchs of the Kingdom as it has the potential to be a valued historic site. He also intimated that there would be a special bonus if the group could recover any white glowing stones that appeared magical in nature, as those types of artifacts might be in danger of going into the wrong hands if they became a general discovery.

They booked passage by boat south-east for 2 days and then made their way to the tomb site.

Caravan Guards - Part 4
Flight to Croesffyrdd

Fergus took a brief moment to interrogate the cart-driver, again, about who he works for and why bandits might have wanted the previous cart. The party then returned to the road in the direction of their next stop and the last village to receive supplies: Thron’s Shire.

After speaking with the village council leader, Hedwynn Gethin, they oversaw the distribution of the supplies with mostly success. However, two farmers remained in the town arguing over what share of what had arrived belonged to each. After a tense, and mostly uncivil exchange, it was decided that the party would sell one of the two remaining carts as a way of balancing their needs and departed once more with the intent of collecting payment in Croesffyrdd.

The rest of the first day on the road was mostly uneventful, but early afternoon of the second day, the party noticed shouts and the pounding of hoofs behind them on the road. They identified them as some of the bandits that had robbed them at Kyndale.

The party fled in the remaining cart, mostly for the sake of the driver and his team. Fergus MacTavish and Elasmith separated from the group to destroy a wooden bridge they crossed and then captured one of the bandits as a result of a cleverly improvised ambush.

They tortured and interrogated the bandit, discovering that the bandits had had second thoughts about letting them go after the party resisted offering up the particular cart they had wanted. They eventually made their way to town, under armed escort after they happened across the Croesffyrd town guard.

The rest of the party continued fleeing the bandits in the final cart and kept ahead of the bandits long enough to reach the Croesffyrdd town watch and safety. They remained at the gates waiting for Elasmith and Fergus, formally acknowledging their innocence so they could be released.

Fergus then, again, grabbed Marcas, the caravan leader and interrogated him anew. They nearly started a tavern brawl, and in the end, he had no new information to offer up.

They finished up their day, spending the evening resting at the Inn of the Golden Crane, and then checked in about their payment the next day. The relevant clerk at the town hall seemed surprised to see them and dispensed their payment minus the cost of the two carts (80 gold pieces).

The clerk then instructed them to check in after a few days as more contracts would likely arrive by then.

Caravan Guards - Part 3

Terivin and Francis followed the bandits and the villager north through the woods for about a half-an-hour, before coming upon the trail of a large train of more bandits and camp-followers. After observing them make camp, Francis and Terivin headed back to Kyndale to inform the others.

Before they returned and with a lack of information, a bored Elasmith and a hesitant Braladrel the Charged headed off after them.

Braladrel and Elasmith also followed the trail left by the bandits and by sheer luck did not become lost. However, unsuspecting of the bird calls they heard in an otherwise silent forest, they were ambushed by the lookouts for the bandit camp as they wandered east and were captured. They were then escorted to the roadway to be exchanged as hostages.

Terivin was uncharacteristically furious to find that Braladrel and Elasmith had gone, and Fergus was the next member of the party of hare off into the woods to investigate. He also followed the trail and found many trails heading outwards from the camp he had yet to find. After noticing the oddity of a bird call in an otherwise silent forest, he turned back, wary of pursuit.

The bandits left him a message bound to an arrow indicating the exchange would happen and to head there without making a fuss.

As Fergus returned, he realized there was probably an exchange to be made for the item in the hidden cache and desperately tried to find it to get more information about who he was dealing with.

The bandits had scouts around the village however and the group holding Braladrel and Elasmith hastened back to the village in response.

A tense confrontation ensued as the bandits surrounded the village, and despite Fergus’s clever tongue, he could not convince the bandits to trade for anything other than the cart containing the hidden cache which he failed to open in time.

Dejected at the failure to get the item and the loss of a third their remaining supplies, the group watched the bandits depart and reluctantly returned to the road.

Other Details:

  • The party learned the name of the leader of the bandits: Connell
Caravan Guards - Part 2

The party continued on, encountering little before night fell. When preparing camp, they caught wind of fell stories of the woods from the fearful drivers.

After sleeping they wandered into the village of Kyndale and saw more of the goods distributed. They also spoke to the village elder, Eli, about the troubles and the forest, but learned very little.

As they made to leave, they noticed several bandits sauntering into the town. They paused to investigate and split up, leaving Elasmith and Braladrel to guard the wagons with White Fang while Terivin and Francis followed the bandits into the woods.

Notable Events:

  • Braladrel cast detect magic whilst on watch the second evening and detected that there was powerful magic emanating from one of the wagons, in addition to a small residue coming from the chits the adventurers carried. He re-arranged the contents of the wagon and discovered it was beyond a locked compartment on the wagon bed. After giving up on the lock, he put everything back to the best of his ability
  • Braladrel also noticed a glint in the trees in the night. He intimated as much to his fellow adventurers in the morning and the driver, but there seemed little to be worried about at the time.

Other Details:

  • The party finally learned the name of their employer: Marcas
Caravan Guards
A Mission Sponsored by the Throne

After deciding to leave Sandpoint out of a sheer lack of work; Fergus, Duncan, Braladrel, Francis and Elasmith took passage by boat to the land of Adhmad Moran.

After making a failed attempt at a show of force at the Fearsome Cockerel Tavern, they took rooms at the The Three Kings Inn. They then signed on as caravan guards for a relief mission sponsored by the Ruling Council in Ar’an Al’Loch.

The party noticed signs of the devastation that occurred over the winter, and the toll it had taken on the populace as they made their first delivery at the town of Lydel. After a short while, they headed out again and were set upon on the road by a pack of wild dogs led by a wolf.

The party slew them, mostly with arrows and slings, while avoiding much harm.

Notable Events:

  • Elasmith, inspired the kindness of the Barkeep at the The Three Kings. His odd behaviour drew many eyes at both the Fearsome Cockerel and The Three Kings and many took him for daft
  • Terivin, the new addition to the group, made a pair of daring hops in order to fire a sling from the back of a frightened oxen. He was later thrown to the ground when the oxen was clawed in the shoulder by one of the dogs and tried to rear in fear.
Problems with Wolves

The party was briefly joined by a Gnome that Elasmith instantly took a disliking to.

Wandering through a nearby thicket, the party was set upon by a pack of wolves.

Meeting with Thelsikar
A step into Chaos

More adventurers joined the group, including Francis the Beastmaster, Braladrel the Charged and Kronag "Ballcrusher" Kazmuk. They happened across the lair of Thelsikar, sinister cleric of Lamashtu and acquaintance of Black Fang.

So it begins
The First Meeting with Black Fang

Elasmith and Fergus MacTavish through a meeting of sheer circumstance found themselves exploring the first dungeon of Black Fang together.


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